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(615) 313-7237 Mon-Fri 11am-1:30pm DOWNTOWN NASHVILLE, TN

I know a lot of you sandwich folks rave about Mitchell Deli. And, the praise is well-deserved. BUT, if you haven’t spent time at Rae’s, I don’t know that you’ve really experienced pure sandwich bliss. If you don’t it, you need to fix that now. Today. It’s almost lunch time. Rae’s caters to the work crowd and isn’t as convenient (hours, location and parking). BUT the product is every bit as magical as you might imagine and definitely worth the time and effort it might take to get there.

I came here for a work lunch on a busy Friday. It’s location on Union is no fun because you know parking is a pain around this area. [Point of Order: Nashville, we have to talk about viable public transit. It’s time and your downtown businesses aren’t getting as much as business as they should (see my Ichiban review) because you haven’t figured out the transit/parking issue. You’re, at least, two years late on this fix it.] Once I looped the block a couple of times and suggested* to a woman who was idling in a parking space that she should move, I was able to come in and see what’s happening.

There’s a huge menu board to the right, once you enter, that’s filled with specials, sandwich choices and all other goodies. Depending on the day and time, though, you may have to change your plans. I had crab cakes on my mind but arrived too late to enjoy them. Everything’s made fresh and to order. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. I ‘settled’ on the Wicked Chicken sandwich, bowl of red beans, pomegranate (hallelujah, holla back!) San Pellegrino, and a huge brownie. Lay off me; I was starving.

I didn’t have to wait too long before my food was ready and I ready to dig in. Oh, you seat yourself after going to the counter and ordering all the food. My sandwich was a stack of chicken, chipotles, lettuce, tomato, and green chili sauce. If it weren’t already hot, I could have had my fill from the hot sauce bar that adorns the pay counter. When I tell you this sandwich was incredible… child, please. I was reat’ to testify in Rae’. My red beans (to which I *did* add hot sauce) were the perfect compliment to my behemoth of a sandwich. I tried taking small sips of my soda, as this was a San Pellegrino flavor I’d yet to have. #heavenly I was so stuffed, I couldn’t fit my brownie in my belly. But, best believe, I destroyed it as a late afternoon snack later that day. Rae’s is worth me scheduling meetings downtown JUST so I can go hog-wild on the menu. Wacky hours, difficult parking and non-glam location and all… it’s just that good. Go today!

*We’re just going to call it that.

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