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(615) 313-7237 Mon-Fri 11am-1:30pm DOWNTOWN NASHVILLE, TN

When I started working downtown, I heard from more than a few people that there weren’t really any great places to eat within walking distance from our office. There was a Subway and some middle of the road Mexican food, but not much else. Unless the food trucks came to visit us. Then all bets are off.

Regardless, I started riding a new bus route and was walking up Union (had never had to come this way before) when I saw the sign for Rae’s in the window. So I did some research and, of course, found all the good reviews. And only a few blocks from my office! I knew I had to check it out so I walked over shortly after 11 on a Friday. Despite the fact that they had only been open for 10 minutes, there was already a line of people waiting.

I checked out the menu online ahead of time so I knew what I wanted upon entering. I opted for the Italian Romeo with a side salad. Although the brownies and cookies looked super tempting, I didn’t get any. I know, I know. But there will be a time in the near future when I try at least one of them.

ANYWAY. I walked back up the hill to my office to devour my sandwich and oh man, is it good. I think the bread is what makes the sandwich so good. It’s soft, but crusty on the outside and super fresh tasting. And they make everything to order, so you know it hasn’t been sitting around for a while. On a side note, definitely get the pickles when he asks.

I can guarantee that this will not be my last time visiting Rae’s and definitely would recommend that anyone working downtown go check them out. Just try to stay away.

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